Meet My Dolls

There are three American girl dolls at my house; Maryellen, Kit,  and Adi. However, I am planning to purchase a fourth doll. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to tell me in the comments!

Maryellen Faith Larkin Peterson

Age; 10

Favorite Color; Purple

Favorite Food; Hot dogs (with mustard!!)

Least Favorite Food; Tuna, ugh!

Nickname (s); Maryelle, Ellie

Hobbies/Likes; Need something to wear? Ask the all-knowing Florida
Fashionista, Maryellen, to help you out! Ellie loves putting together
outfits, and-what else?-shopping!

Fun Fact; Maryellen has freckles, a unique feature which I added with a marker.

Birthday; July 17th

Margaret Mildred Kittredge Peterson

Age; 11

Favorite Color; Green

 Favorite Food; ''Aww, c'mon, you want me to choose??''

Least Favorite Food; ''How do you not like food??''

Nickname(s); Everybody calls her Kit

Hobbies/Likes; As the resident history know-it-all, Kit loves any book that has to do with the subject! She also likes baseball and computer programming.
Fun Fact; Kit has her own newspaper, The Kittredge Report, which she occasionally publishes here!                              

Birthday; June 30th




Adalyn Jess Mconnell

Age; ALMOST 9!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Color; Blue

Favorite Food; She LIVES on chicken nuggets!
Oh, and ramen noodles. She is half Japanese
after all!

Least Favorite Food; Beets! ''They're so...Bleh!''

Nickname(s); Adi

Hobbies/Likes; On any given day, you might find Adalyn playing Minecraft, pranking her roommates, or climbing a tree.

Fun Fact; Adi is GOTY 2006 Jess, and is actually half Japanese, and half Scottish!
Birthday; August 12th

Guest Dolls;


Emily Claire Johnson
Age; 8

Favorite Color; Pink

Favorite Food; Jelly beans

Least Favorite Food; Spinach, eeeew!!

Nickname(s); Emi or Em

Hobbies/Likes; Emi loves coloring and hanging out with her kitten, MuffMallow!

Fun Fact; Emily is a rewigged Kirsten doll! She is technically my sister's doll, as well.

Birthday; March 25th

(Emily Claire is Kit and Ellie's cousin. She goes to boarding school, and comes home on holidays.)

Name; Samantha Kate Parkington Robbins

Age; 12

Favorite Color; Deep blue

Favorite Food; Strawberries

Least Favorite Food; Anything with preservatives, artificial flavorings, or colorings.

Nickname; Sam or Sammy, but she HATES it!

Hobbies/Likes; Dancing, reading, and keeping Caroline, her sister, in line!

Fun Fact; Samantha has her ears pierced, and her favorite earrings are silver hoops.

Birthday; March 17th, or St. Patrick's Day!

Owner; Joy R.

Name;Caroline Faith Abbot Robbins

Age; 10

Favorite Color; Pink

Favorite Food; CHEESEBURGERS!!!

Least Favorite Food; She claims to be allergic to vegetables

Nickname; Li-Li

Hobbies/Likes; Painting, singing, and pranking!

Birthday; July 17th!

Owner; Joy R.


  1. I love this! If you want to get a used doll I recommend getting Grace or Kanani. I have them and they are some of my favorite dolls! If you want to get a new doll I recommend Melody, Rebecca, Tenny, or Logan. Even though I don't have any of them they are really cute.

  2. I've definitely been considering getting Logan-maybe as a neighbor, rather than a brother. However all those dolls you mentioned are so cute! (can't decide, can't decide!)

    1. Is this the doll you are getting with brown hair?


    2. No, I'm not getting Logan, but that's a good guess! Both dolls are girls.

  3. Ooh, maybe you should buy Tenney or Felicity! I also LOVE my Truly Me dolls #21!

  4. Where did you get the dress on Emily on the picture way above?(sort of plaid with a flower) I have that one!

  5. I got it on an OG doll-I think her name was Abby-at target. Emily says it's her favorite!

  6. I Love Tenney. I think that you should get her!

  7. And Kaya. And....well, you can't get every doll!

    1. I do love Tenney-she has beautiful hair, and I love her story. (plus her guitar is just the cutest thing ever!!) I also love Kaya's face mold!

  8. I love the pictures! They are so awesome, and pretty, and creative, and........ well, here is a summary: amazing!:)

  9. I thunk I already said that, but it doesn't hurt to say it again!

    1. Sorry, that is not what I meant to say. I was talking to my sister, and I typed what I said to her! What I meant to say was that you would make a good professional photographer!

  10. Hey, Natalie, Caroline (the doll) would like to talk to Adi. Here she is: Hey, Adi! I love this blog! Mom says that it is Natalie's, but I think it's yours! I mean, you star in it all the time. So that probably means it's yours! Hey, are you a younger or older sibling? I'm younger! Annoying my older sister, Samantha, is so much fun! Uh oh.... speaking of my older sister, here she comes! This is her laptop, she is going to kill me!
    SAMANTHA: Caroline!?!? What are you doing with my laptop?!?! I told you to stay off of it! Off, off , off! NOW!!! I SAID NOW!!!
    CAROLINE: Awww, c'mon, Samantha. Annoying you is fun!
    CAROLINE: Um, nothing,
    ME: Caroline! What are you doing?I told you that you could talk to Adi on my computer!
    CAROLINE: Ugh. Moms (and older sisters) always ruin everything. *makes pouty face*
    Sorry about that, Adi. Anyway, as I was saying...... uh oh, here comes mom again, and she doesn't look happy. She's probably coming on account of the frogs I put in Samantha's bed. Maybe we can talk some other day, bye! *darts away from computer* *hides in dish cupboard* *breaks five plates*

  11. By the way, "ME" in the comment above is me (Anonymous), not Caroline.

  12. Adi; Yes. Yes it is most definitely mine. At least, it SHOULD be. Cuz I'm awesome. Yeah, I'm amazing. And I know it. I'm the second youngest at nine, which means ol' Ellie thinks she can boss me around. Grrrrrrr. Which, of course, means, that because I'm younger, I get to bother her as much as I please. Fair is fair, I always say.
    ELLIE (Who's been watching over Adi's shoulder); Har, har, little roomie, ''Fair is fair''?? I won fair and SQUARE at Blokus last night and all you could say was that it wasn't fair!
    ADI; You did NOT win Fair and Square! You must have...must've...uh....stolen some of pieces! Yeah, you stole my three-corner piece that I COULD HAVE won with.
    ELLIE; Yeah, right, Ad-Lib, YOU just have too much pride. YOU can't stand to have someone else win-
    ADI; DON'T call me Ad-Lib!! I HATE that!
    ELLIE; Oh, really, Lynny?
    ME; Ok! Break it up, break it up! Ellie, don't antagonize Adalyn, Adalyn, don't yell. Ellie, why don't you your closet.

    ADI; Okay, I'm back again. I may have lost the battle, but I won't lose the war!! Where did you get a frog?? I feel some serious prankage is in order!

    P.S. How did you get in the dish cabinet? And you only broke five plates?? Whoa, nelly!

  13. I got the frogs from, uh, can I get back to you on that?* *looks up local places to get frogs* This makes no sense, I don't know any of these places. *whaps computer* *computer shuts down* Grrrrrrr!!!
    *Let's just say I got it from a local pond. I'm keeping him in my room for future pranks. His name is Timmy. Uh oh, Samantha's coming. I got to hide! *snatches up computer* *hides in the shower*
    Ok, where was I? Wait a minute, when Samantha walked up she was holding something spiky. Hold the phone! She found Cinnamon (my pet hedgehog)! *leaps out from shower* *runs toward Samantha*
    CAROLINE: Cinnamon! You found Cinnamon! That's where you went, 'ol girl!
    SAMANTHA: Ahem, do you know HOW I found her?
    CAROLINE: I don't really want to know, thank you very much.
    CAROLINE: Ooops. *gulps*
    CAROLINE: I didn't do it on purpose! Why are you rattling on me if it's not my fault, huh?
    ME: Caroline, are you SURE you didn't put Cinnamon there on purpose?
    CAROLINE: Honest I didn't!
    ME: Ok, then. Samantha, don't rattle on your sister if she didn't do it.
    SAMANTHA: Humph. FINE. *flounces away*
    Ok, I'm back. Sorry 'bout that. Good thing that I hid Samantha's computer in the shower. Hey, do you want to know a secret? I really did "lose" Cinnamon on purpose! I knew she would eventually end up in Samantha's chair, 'cause that's Cinnamon's favorite. Mwahaha! Well, gotta go put Timmy in the shower! That's where Samantha is headed now. Bye!
    P.S. I usually break about 10 or 15 plates, but I've broken so many, there wasn't much left to break anyway.

  14. Hey, Ellie, this is Samantha. I finally got Caroline, that little twerp, to stop using my laptop.
    CAROLINE(shouting from across the house): Oh really? I'll be on that laptop before the day is done! Mwahaha!
    SAMANTHA: How did you know what I was saying, huh? Do you have cameras here or something?
    CAROLINE: Well, you are dictating to yourself, just FYI.
    SAMANTHA: Oh. Thanks for the info.
    CAROLINE: Oh, and I'm not a twerp by the way!
    SAMANTHA: Oh yeah? Who put the frog in the shower, huh?
    CAROLINE: That's only because its fun to annoy you! That doesn't make me a twerp!
    SAMANTHA: Just stop intruding on my conversation, OK?
    CAROLINE: Well, you could just stop dictating to yourself!
    SAMANTHA: Oh. Right.
    (Clears throat) OK, sorry about that. But she really is a twerp, no matter she says she isn't. She can be really annoying when she wants to be! Hey, I have an idea. Maybe I can look up what Caroline sent Adi!
    OK, so I looked up Caroline's emails. She really put her pet hedgehog on my chair on purpose! Well, gotta go give Caroline a hard time, bye! Wish me luck!

    1. Little sisters! Gah! (actually, Adalyn is my roommate-Kit is my sister) Hide your laptop where Caroline will never find it-your sock drawer! Then she can't use it. I am still trying to convince Natalie to GET me a Laptop. She says maybe, which is a kind of frustrating answer.
      Anyway, I have decided that when Adalyn's being annoying, I'm just going to ignore her and hide in my closet. Besides, I have a special supre-secret post project I'm working on!!

  15. Thanks for the tip! But Caroline seems to know where I hide everything.... but that's ok, she'll never find it in my sock drawer! Mwahaha! My computer is thanking me. Yeah, I know, I'm a wierdo and I talk to computers. BUT BEING A WIERDO IS SO AWESOME!!!

  16. I recommend getting Melody, Josefina, and #59. I have all 3 of them, and they're all so cute! I also have Lea, but she's retired, that's why I didn't include her In the dolls I recommend. By the way, awesome blog!

  17. Replies
    1. Great suggestions! Ooh, you have Melody? I actually have a question for you about her-is her hair super silky, or is it's texture closer to Addy's? Thanks!


      P.S. Thank you so much! That really means a lot!

  18. Thanks! Yes I do! It's closer to Addy's. You're welcome!
    P.S. You're welcome! Glad I could help!
    P.P.S Sorry I took so long to respond! I didn't realize you replied.

    1. Ohhh, Ok! Her hair looks so pretty-I bet it's fun to play with!


  19. you should get addy!

    isabel 💜

  20. Ellie, wanna go watch a movie in my private theatre?

  21. Lovely photos!:) And I loved reading about your dolls.


    1. Thank you, Quinley! I had a lot of fun coming up with their personalities.


    2. Your welcome!:) Your blog is awesome.