Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The U-Pick Garden of Eden 😛 A Photostory

Hello, Awesome Readers! Due to a sudden bout of Summer Vacation boredom ;), I made this little photo story. Enjoy!

''So why are we here again?'' Adalyn asked her rommate, Kit, as they walked through a U-Pick farm.

''Because I want blueberry pie for my birthday, and we are going to pick blueberries.'' Kit answered patiently.

''But why can't we just buy blueberries from the store??'' Adalyn persisted, impatiently.

''Because produce from a grocery store is not usually organic, and because it is usually shipped from the west coast, leaving a larger carbon footprint. And, by going to a U-Pick farm, we are supporting local agriculture.'' Kit explained.

Adi rolled her eyes. ''Blah, blah, blah,'' she imitated; ''Picky, picky, picky. It's just some berries!''

''Adalyn,'' Kit said in a warning voice.

''Ugh,fine.'' Adalyn grumped, as she followed Kit.

Kit leaned over a sign showing what direction to go in. ''C'mon, Adi, blueberry picking is this way,'' she said.

When they reached the blueberry patch, Kit handed Adi a pail. ''Get picking!'' she said cheerfully.

''What's to stop me from just sitting?'' Adi asked defiantly.

''If you don't pick a full bucket, you won't get any pie.'' Kit said matter-of-factly.

Adalyn looked at the pail in distaste.

''Fine.'' Adi took the pail.
''Good.'' Kit started plopping berries into her pail.

''You know, I think this whole 'organic' thing is a whole load of baloney,'' Adalyn said as she picked.

''Adalyn, pesticides can have a detrimental effect on health, and by using less chemicals, we can help preserve wildlife.'' Kit told her roommate.

''Yeah? Well I think vegetables and fruits aren't worth worrying over, because there are WAY better things out there! Like chicken mcnuggets!'' Adalyn shot back.

Kit looked Adi straight in the eye. ''Adalyn,'' she began, ''you know what? Every time you say things like that, you are underappreciating God's wonderful creation.''

That made Adalyn stand up. ''What?'' she asked.

Kit plucked some blueberries off the bushes. ''Look, Adalyn. When God created blueberries through evolution some two million years ago, He created them for us then-still-evolving humans to eat. He made them taste good, and He made them a pretty color. If we say that they are ''boring'' then we are not appreciating the wonderful care that God put into them. How about that?''

Adi looked down at her pail of blueberries. It wasn't even half full.

Slowly, she turned to the bushes and started rapidly picking.

A few minutes later, she held her now-overflowing bucket of blueberries up to Kit's. ''I'm done!'' she said, happily.

''Awesome, Adi! High Five!'' Kit said.

Adalyn slapped her hand into Kit's triumphantly.

As the two girls walked home, lugging their heavy buckets, Adi said; ''That...was actually a lot of fun.''

''I knew you would,'' Kit replied.
''In fact,  you did so well, that I thought you could help me with picking, threshing, and grinding the wheat into flour for the pie crust!''


''I'm kidding! The flour we can buy.''



  1. nice! i love blueberries.

    isabel 💜

  2. This photostory is super cute!
    I don't believe in evolution though. Sorry.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. That's totally OK if you don't believe in evolution-It's just a theory anyway, so I could be completely wrong!

  3. That was super cute!! Actually, God Himself made blueberries on the third day of Creation. Not through 'evolution'. Humans have never evolved. God made us on the sixth day of Creation. Evolution isn't true.

    1. I had fun time making it! If you do not believe in Evolution, that is absolutely fine. Evolution is just a theory and could be wrong. I truly believe that this is how God created the world (and blueberries), but you may believe differently, and that is ok. Besides, how we believe God created the world doesn't really matter, as long as we believe in Him, and carry out the great commission as Christians. Also, I should have been more neutral when I wrote that post. I was honestly not thinking when I typed that, and I'm sorry. This is a Doll Blog, not a debate column, so I should not have said something so controversial. Please accept my most humble and theatrical apologies. *gets down on knees*


    2. Oh, no, it's totally fine! I should've respected your beliefs. I'm SO SO sorry. Please forgive me.

    3. You didn't do anything wrong, it's fine. Oh, by the way, I checked out your blog-I really like it! I think it's so cool that you have a twin.

  4. This was super cute and funny! Adalyn is hilarious.

    P.S. You've been tagged!



    1. Thank you! IKR! Thank you for tagging me :)


  5. Natalie, do you believe in the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, God's Son? Be honest, please.

    1. I do. I truly believe that Jesus Christ was the Son Of God, and that he was crucified, died, and resurrected on the third day. I don't really know what else I can add to that, except that I truly believe everything I said.


    2. That's good, now I'll get to see you in Heaven!

    3. But, I believe that the earth is NOT millions of years old. It's only thousands of years old. And humans have always been fully evolved, just read Genesis. Thank you for letting me share my beliefs with you. I really hope I didn't sound rude. If I did, I'm very VERY sorry.

    4. Yay! I'll see you there, then! And when we get to heaven, we can find out how old the earth is. :) Don't worry, you were actually one of the politest people I've ever met on this subject. (Most people either just tell me I'm wrong, or tell me I'm ''a bad christian'') Thank YOU for sharing your beliefs with me!


    5. I tried to be polite! You're welcome! I'm glad God gave me the chance!

  6. I asked because if you don't, I want to share the Good News with you.