Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer 2017 Future Updates

Hello, Everyone! Today I thought I'd give you the heads-up on some future goings-on at my doll house. These are things that will be happening 1-3 months from now.

Update #1; New Addition to the Dollhouse

My AG house has six rooms in two floor-to-ceiling columns. (my dollhouse is actually two IKEA wardrobe frames without doors.) I will be adding three more longer rooms sometime next month, by way of a wider IKEA wardrobe, and it will be at a right angle to my other rooms. If you didn't understand a word of that, don't worry, 'cause it'll all make sense when I show you a picture when it's done.

Update #2; New Family Members

I won't say much about this, but I will tell you that sometime in August two new members will join the TAGS doll family. One has freckles. The other has brown eyes. They might be customs. (mwahahahaha) That's all I'm telling you now, but keep an eye out for more clues, and feel free to take some guesses!

Update #3; New Bedroom Arrangements

Right now, Ellie and Kit share a bedroom, and Adalyn has her own. This will all shake up after the dollhouse renovation and after the new dolls arrive, because there will be five dolls. I think what I am going to do is have one of the new, wider rooms be a shared bedroom with one bunk bed and one single bed. Kit, Ellie, and one new doll will sleep there. One of the other, smaller rooms will house Adi and the other new doll. This may not be exactly what I do, but it will probably be along these lines.

Possible Update; New Pets?

I've been thinking that maybe my dolls need a dog or a cat-yes, I know, they have MuffMallow, and Andy, but MuffMallow is teeny, and Andy is, well, a fish. And I have been eyeing the Pomeranian
puppy for a while now...

I hope you enjoyed reading about future updates, and I know you are tantalized by the mystery of the two new dolls....Mwahahahahahahahaha!


  1. Ooooh! Fun!! I can't wait! :) I SO wanna know who your new dolls are!!!
    ~ LIght4theLord

    1. *Grins maliciously* All guesses are welcome!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see who the new dolls are!!

    1. They are REALLY cute, I can tell you that much!

  3. Ooh, all of that sounds exciting! I MUST know who the new dolls are! I must!


    1. I personally am dying to get the new rooms up-it's a little cramped now. *rubs hands together in evil fashion* Keep an eye out for more clues!