Sunday, June 18, 2017

Let's Talk; If You Could Put Freckles on Any Doll, Who Would It Be?

Hello awesome readers! It's time for Let's Talk! Last week's question was.....

         ''Who was your First AG Doll?''

Our selected comment is from...........AG Homeschooler! She commented;

My first doll was #59, Carol. I had wanted an American Girl doll for a long time, and I was going to ask for one with brown eyes and black-brown hair. (Since she looked the most like me). But then #59 came out, and, looking the most like me because I have brown hair, and not black-brown hair, I fell in love! I love her to this day.
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Thank you for commenting AG Homeschooler! I'm so glad you got Carol!

And now for today's question which is.....................................................................................................

''If You Could Put Freckles on Any Doll, Who Would It Be?''

Phew! That was a long one!

My answer; '' If I could put freckles on any doll, it would be #65. With that red hair and blue eyes, she just needs them! It would be so cute!''

Now that I've answered, It's time for you to! I can't wait to see what you guys comment!


  1. Thank you so much for picking my comment!

  2. I would put freckles on Amber, She is #61. With her red hair, she'd look so cute with freckles all over her face.


    1. Ooh, you are SO totally right! Did you know you can put them on with a washable marker?


    2. Yes, I'm still too scared to. I mean, the doll is $115.
      But your Ellie looks adorable with then!

    3. True. I was kind of scared, but it came out okay. And I only ever use Crayola.

  3. I think Maryellen would look adorable with freckles! Paired with her strawberry blond hair and green eyes, so cute!

    1. My Ellie has freckles, so I can tell you that she is absolutely ADORABLE!


    2. Oh, yeah! I forgot! She looks really cute, good job!

  4. I think #39 would look PERFECT with freckles.
    CAROLINE; Hey, what about me?
    ME: Um, no. Just no.
    CAROLINE: You really think so?
    SAMANTHA: Of course she thinks so! You would look AWFUL in freckles!
    CAROLINE; Gee, thanks, Sami.
    SAMANTHA; She's calling me Sami again!
    ME; Girls, can't you go somewhere else?
    I only meant to wright down a simple comment! Why is it so hard? I mean, it's just one sentence!

    1. Hahahahahaha! Li-li, Samantha, you guys are quite the dolls!

      ~Natalie (who is still giggling)