Sunday, June 11, 2017

Let's Talk; Who Was Your First AG Doll?

Hello, Everyone! It's time, once again, for Let's Talk! By now, you guys know the drill; first, I have to tell you who's comment from last week was selected.

Last Week's Question Was........''What is Your Favorite AG Outfit?''

Your comments made me want to go on a shopping spree! Izzy's comment was picked!

My favorite would have to be Kanani's pajamas. I love the patterned blue-green tunic style top with those leggings and cute fluffy slippers. I'd die to have it in my collection!

Thank you for commenting Izzy! I love Kanani's PJ's, too!

And now for Today's question!

         ''Who Was Your First AG Doll?''

My answer; My first AG doll was Kit. I got her when I was four, and I guess I picked her because she had blond hair. (Four-year-old logic, I suppose.)

Now that I've answered, it's time for you to! I'm looking forward to hearing about your special first dolls!


  1. Aubrey, #23, was my first doll. I had really wanted Lanie, but instead I got Aubrey. I was fine with that because I had an American girl doll! I loved Aubrey. And it worked out to, because I got Lanie off eBay last year. They are both very special to me.


    1. #23 is so cute! I love Lanie too. First dolls always feel so special...

  2. Molly was my first doll. She was my favorite, and still is, because her books had been my favorite, and she had been my mom's favorite too. One day, I got a catolog from AG in the mail, I looked to the back cover, and burst into tears when I saw that Molly was retiring! So, I wished for her for Christmas. I dreamt of her pretty chestnut brown braids, and her cute little glasses, and her gorgeous old fashioned sweater...
    I opened her first thing on Christmas, and was so very shocked that had my very own American Girl doll! 5 minutes later, I unwrapped Emily, and on December 31st, my 9th Birthday, I got Saige from my parents! Molly still is the doll that is most special to me. <3

    1. I definitely know how you feel about favorite dolls retiring-before I had Kit, I had dreamt of getting Kirsten. But, she retired-the day of my birthday! Luckily, a few months later, I got Kit.

      Molly sounds like a very special doll!

  3. My first doll was #59, Carol. I had wanted an American Girl doll for a long time, and I was going to ask for one with brown eyes and black-brown hair. (Since she looked the most like me). But then #59 came out, and, looking the most like me because I have brown hair,and not black-brown hair, I fell in love! I love her to this day.

    1. Carol sounds like the perfect name for #59! I'm glad you got her. She sounds very special!

  4. My first AG doll was Samantha (the old version). My aunts got her from a yard sale for not a lot of money. Also, it says "pleasant company" written on her neck, which is really cool, and that mean that she is really old. That;s what AG used to be called before they were called American Girl. I love Sam!
    SAMANTHA: Ahem!
    ME: Er, I mean, Samantha!
    Samantha HATES it when I call her Sam!