Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy Summer, My Lovely Readers!

Hello, Doll-Lovers!

Do know what today is? June 1! And that means several things; Summer is here! Or at least on it's way. It also means that there is a new DOTM on Dollsnall! We here at TheAGSpot are very excited and proud for the newest DOTM-who, as you probably know, is none other than our very own Adi J. Mconnell!

June 1 means that it is now ''blogging season'' because everyone is on summer vacation. Lots of bloggers are starting summer photo stories, doll camps, and other fun stuff. I may or may not do a doll camp-I hope to, but I don't know if I can plan it so close to now. Never fear, however, because Kait at Kait's AG Crafts is doing a super fun one through July!

One more thing 6/1/17 means; tomorrow morning, TheAGSpot will be officially five months old. Can you believe it?? It seems like two weeks ago I was nervously hitting ''Create Blog'', hoping I'd get at least one or two comments. And now look at the site! I currently have, um, *runs and checks views* 3,241! I also have 207 comments-whoa! While I don't actually have anything special planned, I just wanted to say 'Thank You' to all my wonderful loyal readers.

So, are you all pumped up for summer? I sure am! I have a beach photoshoot coming up for tomorrow, and it's really cute. (Adalyn's hair is in harijuku buns! What could be any cuter??)