Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Is Here! (according to Adalyn)

 'Sup, people? (I'm trying out new opening lines-personally, I hate that one) Luckily, I don't have to do much talking because Adi is going to be the Supreme awesome dictator girl Director of this post. Take it away, Adalyn!

Hello-o-o-o-o-o world! Yup, that means you! You with the glasses-or without glasses, whatever. How about you with the forehead?-yeah, that sounds good! You with the forehead.
Aaaaaanyway, today I went hiking in the woods. Natalie took pictures, and it was really fun. I let her post all the pictures except for the one where I fell flat on my face in the mud with algae in my hair except for one of them which I prefer not to disclose.

 As soon as we got down the hill, I ran ahead of Natalie carrying my towel. Why did I bring a towel? Well, the shores of the stream are really cold, and rocky. Not comfy. So I brought something to sit on. You got problem with that?

I wandered along the shores looking for interesting rocks, or plants. It was warm and sunny. The branches of the trees were rustling in the breeze. It was really pretty actually!

I was starting to get hot, so I kicked my boots off, and walked bare foot.

The water was looking awfully tempting.....
I gave in, I guess. Natalie gave me a 'what-did-I-say-about-hypothermia-it-is-February-here' look. I ignored her. She can really spoil fun when she wants to.....*glares*

Then I stealthily stole an orange from her bag. I am so sneaky......(Ellie Ling, I so totally want to take over the world with you! mwahahaha!)

Natalie says she loves this picture-as for me? Well....the message is a little corny, but I guess it kinda cool. It sounds like something Lea would say.

One more picture of me wading.....


Well, that's it for today, folks! Come back later for more of the awesomness that is me!


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