Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Emily Claire!

You know what's up! Emi C.  turned EIGHT today! Happy birthday Emily! Her sisters and roommates made today special for her-what you ask? Read and find out!

Emily wriggled with excitement on the stool as Ellie did her hair. ''Hold still, birthday girl!'' Ellie said good naturedly.

''But I'm just so EXCITED!!'' Emi cried, throwing her arms up. ''Well, good thing you're done now,'' Maryellen stepped back from her hair. ''Lets go-we have somewhere to be!''

A few minutes later, Ellie led Emi Claire out the front door. Emily squealed in delight! There stood Adalyn and Kit by a table filled with birthday delights!

''Hey Birthday Girl!'' Kit greeted her cheerily; ''Good thing you're here-I've been trying to keep Adi from eating your cake!''

''Its beautiful!!! How-why-what-how did you know what I wanted my cake to look like??'' Emi stuttered and burst out. Ellie grinned. ''Oh, the picture taped to the fridge that said 'WHAT I WANT MY BIRTHDAY CAKE TO LOOK LIKE' gave us a pretty clear hint!'' Emily giggled. ''It's perfect!! Absolutely, and it couldn't any better!'' But she didn't see..

Someone coming up the walk.....

Emily stopped mid-sentence. She stared. Her mouth hung open, and she......

Ran over and squealed ''Marie-Grace!!!! It's you!!!!! You came all the way from New Orleans! But how?? I have so much to tell you, I-''

Marie-Grace stopped her; ''You can tell me later, mon ami, but right now, you have your own party to attend!''

''Believe me, it would be beyond rude to miss your own birthday, so come on!'' Emily smiled a smile so wide, Cecile could probably see it in Louisiana. ''Okay.''

They had so much fun. They made jelly-bean bracelets.....(and ate them, mmmmm!)

Then they played sticker tag! Kit explained it; ''It's just like regular tag, except in order to tag someone, you have to put a sticker on them. The person with the least stickers at the endo of the game wins!'' Everyone loved it. ''Catch me if you can!'' called Marie-Grace to Emi, who was hot on her trail.

Then, Maryellen said it was cake time. Everyone joined hands and said grace over the cake before singing happy birthday.

(extra picture of the cake-it's real! it was really, really good, too!)

Then Ellie cut the cake. She hated to, it was so pretty, but Adi said ''C'mon people! It's a cake! It was BORN to be eaten!!'' and that sent everyone into giggles.

Goodness, the cake was delicious. Everyone loved the combination of chocolate cake and butter cream frosting. It certainly didn't last long!!

Finally, when everyone had finished, Ellie looked at Emi. It was time for presents!

Maryellen handed her the first one. ''It's from me and Kit,'' she said, smiling.

Emi took off the bow and opened the box. It was.............................

''A teaset! I love it! Thank you!!!'' Emily gushed over the beautiful pink and purple set of place settings for four.

''Here.'' Adalyn said, pushing an awkwardly wrapped gift over to Emily. ''It's from me.''

Emi read the note on the package. ''To Emily; Happy birthday or whatever'' and a picture of some kind of balloon-turned-mutant.

Emily tore open the paper.

''Look!'' Emi said. She held up a prettily embroidered shirt that said 'I've Been To Paris' with blue and yellow flowers.

Emily leaned over and hugged Adi. ''Thank you so much. I love it, and it means so much!'' she whispered into Adalyn's ear.

Then she turned to Marie-Grace. ''You're the best present ever! Who says all gifts come in boxes?''

''Who says I didn't bring a gift?'' Marie-Grace smiled. ''Look behind you!''

Emily twisted. Out from under the table walked a tiny white Persian kitten!

''Ohhh.....'' Emi breathed at the tiny ball of fur.

''You should name her Muffin,'' Kit said

''No, you should name her Marshmallow,'' Adi said.

Everyone looked at Emi. Emi looked at the kitten.

Then Emi looked up decidedly. ''Her name is MuffMallow.'' she said firmly.

''Thank you! So much!'' She cried as she hugged Marie-Grace. ''Thank you all of you! It's been the most wonderfully fantabulous, fabulous, amazing birthday ever!''

And it was.

              The End.


  1. Happy (late) birthday Emily Claire! She and OR (Olivia Rose) are the same age now! Just curious- is Marie Grace visiting or did you get a new doll? Also, I just wanted to let you know that I will try to send you the next craft right after I make a featured image.

  2. Emi says thank you! No, Marie-Grace is just visiting-I would have squealed that I got her long before now, haha. That's fine, because I'm still working on mine.

  3. I love the pictures! I also like what Emi called her kitten: MuffMallow:)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I can tell you from experience that it was! (mmmmmm........)

  5. The fact that Marie-Grace came totally surprised me!

    1. Well, Emi was surprised, so I guess that makes it a success!


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