Monday, July 31, 2017

GOTY 2018 // Rumors and Releases

Hell-oooo world! Today I have some cool and exciting news to share with you about Girl of The Year 2018!! I know-we thought it was Tenney, BUT NO! AG has leaked some stuff, and  I have some info! (Do I sound totally hyper?) So here's what I know

  • GOTY 2018's name is RUMORED to be Luciana. I like it! It's very unusual. I hope she's got red hair-I'm picturing her like TM 65
  • She is also rumored to be into STEM-that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I think that's so cool, because practically every male in my family is an engineer of some kind.\
  • The fact that Luciana's into STEM was pretty much confirmed when Poppets and Posies found a shirt on Ebay that had a heart with a galaxy design on it.  It said ''I need some SPACE'' and underneath that. Here's a picture (Poppets and Posies  found this. It is THEIR photo, NOT mine)
Isn't it CUTE?????? This also confirms that her name IS Luciana! Maybe this is her release day Tee?

Smalldollsinabigworld found another picture;

So maybe it's her PJ's instead? 

SmallDollsInABigWorld found several more pictures, but they are hers, and I respect that, so here is the link;

I have a few predictions of my own; I definitely think AG will be remaking the science fair set for Luciana, and some more solar system themed items, like posters. I wonder if she will be into things like sci-fi movies, and if she will wear glasses-it seems like she might be sort of nerdy. Also- maybe just maybe, she is homeschooled? I hope so, but she probably won't be.

So are you excited? I sure am!! If I find anything else I will definitely post it.


  1. This is so cool! I really hope she's homeschooled! Oh and MAYBE she's a blogger. I know, pretty un-likely but I really want AG to make a doll who has blogging as a main part of her story. (Lea and Grace had blogs but they weren't important in their stories.)

    1. I know, right?! Me too. Ooh-that would be SO cool. I knew Lea had a blog-I didn't know that Grace had one! Maybe you should do a page on your blog that's a blog for you Grace.

  2. Cool!
    Please let her be homeschooled! *fingers crossed*