Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Doll Craft; How to Make an AG-sized Fish Tank!

Hi, you guys! I know I asked you which you wanted to see first-the doll's camping trip, or the doll fish tank-and the one vote I got was toward the camping trip, but I was so excited about this craft! It came out SO. SO. SO. CUTE.  Plus, it's been rainy here on the east coast, so I haven't been able to do a lot of outdoor photography. I hope you don't mind!


  • A clear plastic toothpick box (mine is diamond brand)
  • Colorful seed beads
  • Mini shells or other decorations
  • A plastic fish (I got mine at dollar tree)
  • Hot glue
  • An empty pot paint container (not shown)

Step 1. Figure out where you want your fish to be. Mine is at the top and a little to the side.

Step 2. Hot glue your fish in place. (Be careful with the hot glue!! I burned myself when I was doing this, and I don't want your fate to be similar!)

Step 3. Next, squirt some hot glue onto the bottom of you 'aquarium' 😉 and place the seed beads on top. Let cool/dry

Step 4. Put some more seed beads on top for a loose, natural look, and hot glue your shells and other decorations in place.

Step 5. Now snap the back onto your fish tank, and Ta-Da! Your doll now has a fish of her very own! Adalyn, with the suggestion of Kit, named the fish Hans Christian Andersen-but because that takes too long to say, the marine life form will go by Andy. ;)

Optional Steps; The container of fish food is a mini pot paint container with it's tabs cut off. I wrote a label and taped it on, and voila! Now Adalyn can feed her underwater friend.

Do you have a pet fish?

                       ''what's that Adi? Um....No...No, Andy does not get a signature.''


  1. so cute! I have to make a tank for my dolls soon.... it can be on Madi's desk!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. Ooh! That would be super cute! Madi's desk is MLA, right? I have a list of furniture I want to get my dolls, and a desk is on that list!

  3. SOOO cute! I used to have a fish several years ago.

  4. I still squeal whenever I see it! You did? Cool! I used to have a betta, who (are you ready for this?) I named 'Spock'. Apparently I had a thing for Star Trek at age six...