Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We Fought For Quality AG-And We Won!!!

Hello, AG Lovers! I have some AMAZING news! As you all know, American Girl now has sewn-on underwear on TM dolls, Maryellen, and Melody. Many, many people have fought passionately against this, as it's just WEIRD. Like, REALLY weird. Well, our passionate fandom has paid off! AG posted this recently;

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? NO MORE SEWN ON UNDERWEAR!!!!!!! No more weird boxes, except for Tenney and Gabby! NO MORE OF THOSE SUPRE IRRITATING POACKAGING TECHNIQUES! And for people who have bought a doll with sewn on underwear already, they are swapping the bodies out-FOR FREE!!! I am so happy! I have wanted Melody and/or a TM doll, but haven't gotten one yet-and didn't because of sewn-on underwear. Now I can! I feel like not even all capital bolded italic underlined letters can express how elated I am.

The other thing on my mind is this-will dolls with sewn-on underwear become rare and special? Will that be a collectible EBay thing? I know that that doesn't really matter right now, but it's interesting to think about!

In Conclusion, I am really happy! No more dolls with sewn on underwear, no more weird boxes, no more irritating packaging, and now AG has a little more quality!


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    1. Wow! It's very well put together-I love your doll-sized crafts, they were so cute. Great job-I can't wait to see more!

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