Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Golden Hour with Maryellen; A Photoshoot

Hello, everybody! I did this beautiful photoshoot of Ellie during the golden hour last week, and finally got around to sharing it! Hold on, can I just vent for a second? TOMORROW IS EASTER GAH I AM CRAVING CHOCOLATE LIKE CRAZY!! WHY OH WHY DID I HAVE TO GIVE UP CANDY AND CEREAL FOR LENT IT IS KILLING ME!!!!! *Takes deep breath* Ok, now for the photoshoot. 😊

 Pretty girl.

I had fun putting together her outfit-I like the crop-top-but-not look.

I specially curled her hair for this occasion, and it was worth it!


THAT HAIR! People say they want my hair, and I just say, ''you should see my doll's!''

So. So. So. SO. PRETTY!!!!

Those hazel-green eyes and freckles! (If you're wondering, yes, I added them with a washable marker. They wipe of with a wet paper towel)

Sleeping beauty, Ellie's favorite pose....

I got what I call a 'sun haze' in this picture. I like it better when it has those hexagonal shiny things in it, but this is still pretty.

Close-up on my Florida Fashionista....

More hair pictures. Ellie has tons of it, and it is so luscious, thick, and soft with lots of pretty highlights.

Hope you enjoyed it! I talked a whole lot less during this shoot. Is my incessant yammering annoying or interesting? I'd like your opinion. Have a blessed Holy Saturday and Easter!



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