Saturday, April 1, 2017

YOUR Opinion Counts!

Hey Everyone! I need your opinion on some things. I am in a quandary about what AG doll to get soon. Many people have made great suggestions on my 'Meet My Dolls' page, and I've narrowed my selection down to these four dolls below. I'm putting up a poll on the sidebar below my follow gadget so you guys can vote on which doll you think I should get.

Should I get..................

1. Tenney Grant?

 2. Truly Me #23?

3. Truly Me #42?

(please excuse the fact that the pic is so small)

4. Melody Ellison?

I would really appreciate you guys weighing in with your opinions!!


  1. Definitely Tenney.

  2. It looks like she may win the poll-votes for her make up 50% of the score!!

  3. Yeah... she is really pretty, and I don't think that there ever was a band player before. But wouldn't she be more expensive because she is newer?

  4. Hmm, you have a point there-I'll have to check their website and see.

  5. melody, of course! you don't have an african american or historical doll yet, and melody is both of those! plus, she's super cute. :)

    isabel 💜


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