Sunday, April 30, 2017

End-of-Month Updates with the Dolls!

Hey, you guys!
It's Kit here. It's been quite a month for TheAGSpot! With the Easter craft collab, Lent, and Easter, we've been busy!  Natalie wanted us dolls to do our own post, to wrap up any loose ends for April, and give you a sneak peek at May. Each of us is going to do a little talking. It's so warm today, I guess that's one of the upsides to living on the east coast. We've been consistently hitting the 70's-if not 80's-since the beginning of April! The slight downside is that sometimes it's 65 degrees on Christmas.......but, hey, we get to lose the coats for a bit then! Today I stole Adalyn's shorts-now she's mad because-get ready-now she has to wear a dress!! The HORROR!!!!!! (I know, right?) But anyway, it's time I had a turn. Speaking of turns, I think it's Emi's.

That's hello in French. It's me, Emily Claire, and guess what! I'm going to boarding school in two weeks, and I'll get to learn French there! Isn't it so exciting? Of course, I'll miss my roommates, but I'll be coming home to visit a lot! I still have some packing to do, so I hope Ellie will help me. I need to wear the latest fashions at a school where I learn French, of course. Did you know that I am Maryellen's and Kit's cousin? I am Natalie's sister's doll! Isn't that so cool? I had better go do some more of that pesky packing, so I have to go now.

Greetings fellow awesome ninja-spy-explorer-people! I am outraged!!! Kit stole my only pair of shorts, and now I have to wear a dress!!!! I hate dresses!!!!!! Ugh. Roommates!! But on the bright side, it's almost summer! I'm so excited! My birthday is August 12th, and even though it kinda a long way away, I'm starting to plan my party! Should it be ninja themed? Camping? Pirates? Capture the flag? I need ideas! (And cupcakes. Cupcakes would be nice right now) . In May, Natalie said I could go on a camping trip with the other dolls! It'll be so fun, and we'll have s'mores, and hot dogs, and it'll be great! I just need a tent........
Awesomely, In Ninja Spy-ness
                                                  Adalyn the Amazing

Maryellen here. Next month I have a special post series coming up! It will be all about fashion! I'm calling it Ellie's Do's And Don't's of Fashion. It will be EPIC!!!! I shall share my genius fashion sense with you, on everything from accessories to zeppelin pants! (Wait, is that a thing? That sounds like it would definitely be a ''Don't'') Natalie also has two awesome reviews coming up-one is a  CENSOREDreview, and then my CENSORED ONCE AGAIN.   I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Kit- Wow that's hot!
    Emily- Have fun!
    Adalyn- Wow! Our birthdays are pretty close! I'm probably having a Toy Story birthday party. Maybe you could do that too!
    Maryellen- Alyssa is going to LOVE that series!


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