Monday, May 1, 2017

Review Of The MLA Strawberry Swimsuit!

Hi, everyone! Don't you just looooooove Mondays? No? Huh. Go figure. However low you may be feeling, Ellie and I have something to cheer you up! A review of the My Life As... Strawberry Swimsuit set!

I realized my dolls didn't actually have any swimsuits-a problem, because summer is coming up!-and I fell in love with this adorable set. I got it at Walmart for $9.97, very reasonable, because it's an entire outfit.

It comes with a swimsuit, shorts, sunglasses, and flip-flops. The swimsuit is an adorable asymmetrical tie-over. It fastens in the back with Velcro.

The swimsuit was a tad tight-MLA dolls are a little skinnier than AG-but it fit fine. I was really impressed; the swimsuit was very well made, with no frays or threads anywhere!

I LOVE the flip flops! I wasn't counting on the fitting, but they are perfect, plus they match the swimsuit-a Fashion must!

The sunglasses, in my opinion, don't look the greatest on Ellie, but it's ok.

The shorts fit excellently! I like the sunglasses way better on top of her head. I added a little bag with decorative buttons on it to be her beach bag-Ellie is ready to go!

 Isn't she just SO cute?? I give this set 4 3/4 stars-the 3/4 is because it was a little tight.


Yeah, I definitely like the sunglasses on top of her head-Like, REALLY like them!

I guess Ellie needs to go to the beach now!

Did you like this set? Do you think you'll get it?  I have another review tomorrow-and that one's even cooler!


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