Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Fabulous Fashion Show With Joy and Her Dolls!

Hello, everyone! Today Joy and I have something super special for you! It's a............Fashion Show featuring her dolls as models! But before we get started walking down the runway, I need to introduce you to our models! From left to right, they are; Gemma, Caroline, Samantha, and Kiera.

First off down the runway, we have Samantha! She is modeling a stylish baking outfit.

Her apron has a cute motif of a flower, and polka-dotted ruffles along the top! (She is also holding a very delicious looking cake......mmmmm)

Samantha is wearing pink leggings, and comfy shoes for walking around the kitchen.

Next up is.....Caroline! She is looking very dainty in her black-and-burgundy plaid dropwaist dress, holding a bouquet of flowers. 

Caroline also has a plaid purse over her shoulder....It looks so pretty with her blonde curls toppling down her back!

And who's that shyly stepping in wearing red Mary-Janes?

Kiera! In her soft pink tutu and tights, she looks ready to dance! Her soft blond hair is clipped back with a matching barrette, and she has a bouquet of pale pink roses.

And of course, last but not least, Gemma steps onto the runway! She wears a beautiful green dress with a peter-pan collar, buttons, and red flowers on the skirt.

In her hair are multi-colored flowers, and over her shoulders is a stylish vest.

Curtain call! Everyone comes out to bow after their lovely performance!

So, did you like that? I know, I know, Ellie should SO have been in it, but I didn't have her with me at Joy's house. Oh, and which would you rather see first-how to make a doll fish tank, or what happens when the dolls go camping?


  1. Super cute fashion show dolls! Lovely outfits!
    ~Sammy and dolls

  2. Thank you! Actually, Joy put together most of the outfits-she has a really good eye for fashion!

  3. And I also vote for what happens when the dolls go camping.

  4. Everyone looks super cute! I vote for camping first.

  5. The dolls will go camping soon, then!