Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yet Another Photoshoot With Yet Another Custom Doll

Hi, everyone! Yes, I know, I can hear you groaning because 65% of my posts are photoshoots. And yes, you are groaning because I've already DONE a custom doll. But I feel the need to post right now, and this is all I have. BUT WAIT!!!!!! At the end of this post, you get to find out what Ellie's new profile picture will be! So..........yeah, photoshoot time.

This little custom (is that trademarked? 'Cause that would be a great Ebay store name...) was a Pleasant Company number #24, who I got off Ebay. I straightened her hair and added a hot pink highlight.

*Snappy Comment*

*Heart eyes emoji*


Does this picture count as ''artfully blurry''?

This one came out clearer.

I am running out of things to say........Which meeeeaaaaans............


Picture number three!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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