Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A (not-so) Little Explanation

Hello! It's me. I feel like I've been kind of lazy on this blog...I mean, ever since WDD, the bulk of my posts have been Let's Talk, and Awards/Tags. I don't know if you guys feel the same way, but if you do, this my attempt at explaining. During this post, in which I am supposed to quickly tell you why I haven't been very original lately, and promise to do better, and then do so. However, what will probably happen is that I will get hopelessly off-topic, use a whole bunch of emoji's and give you a little glimpse into my life. I hope you guys won't mind 😉.

There are several reasons why I have been not-so original for a while. One, I have been volunteering at my churches' VBS, and...whew! Leading eight kids ages 9-4 around for an entire morning and making sure they don't kill each other in the process is pretty exhausting! 😫

The other reason is that I have recently become completely hooked on a show on Netflix called The Flash, about a guy who has a depressing life until he realizes he can run at extremely high speeds. It's one of those shows where science should not work that way, but somehow does. It is SO good! I am a total geek of a girl, and I see a lot of myself in that show....And I have a shameless crush on one of the characters. (I am very proud of myself for admitting that, because I was always the kid who yelled ''Ewwww!'' when they kiss in a movie. I have since grown up.)

And while we are talking about being nerdy and weird, I would also like to profess my undying obsession with the video game Undertale. And all things associated with it, especially Sans and Papyrus the skeletons, and Flowey. (Don't ask, just go play the game, and you'll understand)

Also, I love LoadingArtist https://loadingartist.com/. Best Webcomic Ever! I just cannot help but connect to Blue, and hey! I get my daily dose of humor. I really want one of the ''In Hat We Trust'' sweatshirts.

Another webcomic I love is XKCD https://www.xkcd.com/. As the site says, it's a comic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language. I love it all. Go check it out. Today's comic is hilarious.

(See? I am SO off-topic!)

To get even MORE off-topic, I love cats. I have two, and want another. Actually, I'd like as many more as possible. I have a tuxedo male named Fabian, and a black female named Echo. Both are fuzzy, loving, and always want me to feed them. I am a cat person, through and through.

And, now, because I have chores I need to do, I am going to log off with this; Thank you for taking the time to live a little in my head, and Thanks for tolerating me, who is probably the weirdest, nerdiest, most misfit doll-blogging 11-year old out there.


  1. No, wait, I'm weirder. I've eaten ramen noodles for breakfast! And lately I've spent at least an hour every day with a Reepicheep (Narnian talking mouse) mask on!

    1. Ramen noodles. For breakfast. Anna, my friend that is pure genius. WHERE DID YOU GET A REPICHEEP MASK?????? I MUST HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!


    2. Weeelllll.....it was on the day I woke up at 12;30 PM but.....
      I made it. It's actually quite easy! Now I just need a tail and a sword.....