Monday, March 27, 2017

My First Custom Doll!

Hello AG fans! Guess what! Okay, you guessed right-I made my first custom doll! For the sake of not overusing pronouns, I'm going to be calling her Sabrina (The first name that popped into my head).  Sabrina used to be a beat-up pleasant company Felicity-not anymore! I tightened her limbs, cleaned up her skin, painted her face, and rewigged her! Now she is ready for play-but more on that later! A while ago, I did a cute St. Patrick's day photoshoot of her (as she looks very Irish with those green eyes and freckles at the side of her face), but didn't get it posted. So even though it's late, I decided to show it to you guys anyway.

Looking, looking......

What is she looking for? (my shadow got in the picture, LOL!)

I suppose Sabrina's ready for her close-up, because she looks so pretty!

This is my favorite, I'll probably use it when I se-whoops, I can't tell you that yet! (🙏 mwahaha!)

Little girl, big world.....

Balancing, balancing......

I'll probably use this one too.(whoops again, but you'll just have to wait!)

But at this rate, will Sabrina ever find what she's looking for?

No, probably not.....all was lost!

But wait, what's that over in the corner??

THE POT 'O GOLD!! (I may have taken ''pot of gold'' a little too seriously, LOL)

Valuable, sought after, and........

When you peel off the wrapper, delicious too!

(behind the scenes; splittin' the loot!)

So, what did you think? I think Sabrina turned out beautifully. What do you think my secret is?? Any guesses are welcome!


  1. She is SO pretty!!!!!!!! Hmmm........ You're selling something? Those scarves maybe?

  2. Maaaaaaybe! Thank you! She was a lot of fun to make-except maybe painting the lips-that was pretty hard!