Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Marvelous Misadventures Of Americans In Paris; Part 2

Yes! The long awaited Part 2! (funny how the second part always seems to take the longest to arrive!) Before I get started, I just have a quick correction/announcement to make; I posted my chick jars craft on my blog for the collab Anna and I are doing, but normally we will do guest posts on each other's blogs. If that made no sense, don't worry, it won't make much difference! Also, the translations for what the dolls are saying when speaking in French are in parentheses in front of the French. Or, just stick it in google translate, because I am so dedicated, that I actually used accurate, correct French for this photostory!


The dolls have landed in Paris, and are planning to meet up at parkingceau hotel.....
Maryellen strode up to the check in counter and said, in flawless French

''Réservation de suite pour Larkin/Parkington?'' (reservation for Larkin/Parkington?)

The woman leaned over the list of reservations......

''Il n’y a pas de réservation de ce nom,''(there is no reservation of that name) The woman said, shaking her head.

''But....but...'' Maryellen wasn't sure what to say. But she regained her composure, and said; ''Veuillez revoir s’il vous plaît''  (kindly look again, please!)

Once again, the woman shook her head, saying ''Je suis désolé, mais il n’y a pas!'' (I'm sorry, but there is not!)

Maryellen opened and shut her mouth repeatedly. She had made a reservation. She'd received the confirmation email! (man, was that hard to translate!) So, in desperation, she cried ''J’ai fait une réservation ! Pourquoi n’est-il pas là !'' (I made a reservation! why isn't it here?)

''Madam, Il n’y a aucune réservation ici !''  (Ma'am, there is no reservation!) The French woman said coldly.

Maryellen was on the verge of yelling, but Adalyn quickly grabbed her arm saying; ''C'mon, Ellie, there's another hotel across the street-maybe they have a spare room!''

After storming across the Parisian street, Maryellen pushed the door of a second hotel open. She opened her mouth to ask if there were any rooms available, when the French clerk looked up, and asked; ''Vous êtes la réserve Larkin-Parkington ?''  (would you be the Larkin-Parkington reservation?)

Maryellen jerked her head up, shocked. ''Pourquoi, oui !'' (why, yes!)

The clerk consulted her list of rooms and suites.

''quatrième étage, salle 432.'' (fourth floor, room 432.) She gestured to the stairs. ''et Bienvenue à l’hôtel Parkinceau.'' (and welcome to Parkinceau hotel)

Finally, in their hotel room....

I would have made this longer, but I can't get the SD card reader for my camera to work. (argh!!) So in the meantime, stay tuned for the rest of this photostory!


  1. Thank you! I'm planning some very funny plot twists! Mwahahahaha!

  2. This is exciting..... I hope that nothing like that happens to me if I ever go to Paris! Hotel mix up, NO ELECTRONICS, Fretting about being an American in Paris.... I can't wait for the next part!

    1. Thank you! I hope so too-but just in case, now you can be prepared, LOL!

  3. It's very good...... and exciting!

    1. Thank you, Joy! I'm going to have them do some very fun (and funny!) things next!