Monday, March 6, 2017

The Marvelous Misadventures Of Americans In Paris; Part 1

Yes!! MY FIRST EVER PHOTOSTORY!!!! Well, technically, it's mine and my friends-her dolls are co-starring. A HUGE thank you to you and your dolls-I couldn't have done it without you! Okay, I know, I know, mushy stuff is boring. So Now, Say hello to;

''Oh my goodness WE ARE 12.5 SECONDS LATE!!'' Maryellen cried as she and Adalyn hustled their way down the airport halls to catch a plane to Paris.

''Ellie! Take a chill pill! 13 seconds is NOT going to make us miss our flight!'' Adalyn had a touch of annoyance in her voice

Just then their friends they were traveling with arrived. ''Hi, Ellie! Hi Adalyn! Ready for Paris??'' ''Oh, most definitely! Are you and Caroline all packed?''

''Ok, everyone; here's the plan; We'll be sitting on different parts of the plane, but we'll meet up at the hotel-got it?'' Everyone nodded. '' The good news is that we're 20 minutes early for boarding!''

''Oh...I guess I better get my watch fixed...''

Later, on the plane;

Adalyn was digging through her bag, apparently looking for something. Ellie was relaxing, with her legs daintily crossed, her hands clasped in her lap. Except for the fact that her knuckles were completely white.....

''Goodness, Adalyn, won't this be just Magnifique? In Paris, relaxing all day....''
Adi said, without looking up; ''Spit it out Ellie-what is it?''
''What if I look like an American in Paris?!? It would be terrible!!''
''Um...I hate to break it to ya, but you're going to BE an American in Paris no matter what you wear.''

''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''' Ellie's cry of despair rang out through the aisle.

Adalyn; *facepalm*

A stewardess hurried over and asked ''Is everything all right?'', interrupting Ellie's dramatic yell. ''Oh, yes, yes, certainly, I was..ah...practicing my..uh...singing! Yes, I was singing!'' Maryellen had never looked so sheepish.

Ellie looked at Adalyn and whispered; ''This is SUCH a disaster!!! What am I going to do??? An AMERICAN  in PARIS!!!!-''

Adi groaned and leaned against the headrest; ''I cannot spend five hours like this....''

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Plane......

Samantha; happily unplugged, and reading a book.

Caroline; Intensely plugged-in, and engrossed in ''TempleRun2''

Suddenly Samantha turned around. ''CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!''

''Hold on! Just lemme finish this level-oops......'' Caroline realized Samantha had forbidden her from electronics for the whole trip.

''Yes, about that level.''

 ''It was an accident!! Honest, Samantha! And how do you expect me to LIVE without Pinterest? Social media is LIFE-''

Samantha cut her off. ''Give it.''


Stewardess; *bangs head on wall*

Caroline got up in disgust. ''I'M going to go get a snack-you haven't confiscated my wallet have you?''
''Oh, Caroline.'' was all Samantha said.

Or maybe not.


So?? What did you think?? Did you like the story so far? Do you think the dolls will get to France without going insane? Thank you again to my friends who helped me photograph this-You are so awesome!