Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Visiting Doll; Addy!

Hi, guys! My library has a ''doll-lending'' program, that allows you to take out a doll on your library card for two weeks. I picked Addy, because I don't have an African American doll. I took LOTS of pictures. Here are most of them.

Addy came in a pink off-brand carrier, and a really cool collapsible bed. She had her accessories, and came in her meet outfit. I put her in some modern clothes for pictures. Here she is with her room all set up....

Ahhhhhh....bed! (P.S. this is what I look like after a long day)

Then Addy went outside to play and stretch her tired legs.

Yes, grass! Cool, soft, green, and pretty!

''Behold me, Queen of the world!''  Addy thoroughly enjoyed my lawn chairs.

Addy's room had a HUGE window. Here she is enjoying the view.....

And she got a selfie of herself and Ellie! They were inseparable while Addy was here.

What do you think of Doll-lending programs? Addy had been in circulation for about two years. She was in pre-loved condition. Overall I enjoyed her stay very much!


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  1. That's really cool that your library has a doll lending program! I actually don't have an African American doll either. Yeah that looks like me after a long day too. I think doll lending programs are a great idea!