Monday, February 6, 2017


Yes, You read that title right; AG is now going to have some of their dolls feature ATTACHED UNDERWEAR! These changes will affect  the truly me dolls, Maryellen, Melody, and Julie. Nobody is sure whether American Girl is going to renew/update their patent or what.

My thoughts? ''What are they THINKING!?!'' I mean, think about that-permanently attached panties. No taking it off. Ever. And how will they attach it? will it be painted/dyed on, or actually sewn? I don't like this. Nuh-uh. And maybe it isn't all that big a deal, but I feel like it is. Why? Because who wants a $115 doll, who's underwear is non-removable?

It all seems so silly! Why not keep the dolls the way they are? They already started using zipties, yes, ZIPTIES for dolls like Lea and Gabriela instead of neck strings. That took the quality down a tad. But this? Yeah, no. From now on I'm going to be buying my truly me dolls off ebay.

Sorry this post was mostly negative, but I have a craft post coming up soon, so stay tuned! Oh, and Jessica over at American Girl Fan is doing a really great giveaway/photo contest, so I recommend you check it out.



  1. I DEFINITELY agree abut the sewn on underwear! I don't get why they would do that.

  2. Uh huh! It's just kind of random and bizarre!