Sunday, February 19, 2017

My First Blogging Award!

Yes, you read that title right! Anna over at  From A Doll's Perspective nominated me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers award. EEEEEEE!!!! I am so excited! Thank you SO much Anna!!

Ok, Now for the interesting part! I answer Anna's questions. (I am having a seriously hard time not putting 12 exclamation points in front of everything I write, so bear with me here!!) Soooooo;

Q. Why did you start blogging?
A.I started blogging because, well, it looked fun. When I was seven or eight, I had a blog devoted to star wars. It was private, but I'm pretty sure I acted like the whole world could see it. Actually I'm glad it was because I'm pretty sure I started composing songs about Star Wars (I.E. the Darth Vader Jingle)
Q. What is the first doll you ever got?
A. My first doll was Kit. She is the only doll I have who was bought for me by my parents, who made a deal with me (I was four at the time) that if I read the entire book to them, they would buy me the doll. For some reason I chose Kit....probably because she had short blond hair like I did. 
Q. Have you ever eaten kale chips?
A. Yes, actually! I live on a farm, so sometimes we make homegrown Kale chips. I actually almost like them better than Potato chips
Q.What is your favorite color?
A. Ooooh, hmmmm......I think I'd have to say this color
Q.What is your favorite food?
A. As Kit would say, ''aww, c'mon, you want me to choose?'' If I absolutely had to pick something, I think I'd say gnocchi, which are little Italian potato pastas. They are soooooo good! Oh, and chocolate. definitely chocolate.
Q.What do you use to take pictures?
A. I used to use my Mom's old Nokia phone, which takes pretty good pictures, but then it died, So right now I'm using my Mom's old Fujifilm camera.
Q.How would you describe your personality?
A. Um...split sided? Sometimes I'm a sarcastic tomboy, and sometimes I'm a sweet girly-girl. I am a total social butterfly, and for some reason am a little girl magnet (seriously, wherever I go, little girls think I'm the coolest thing since Dora the Explorer and Juice boxes). I am goofy, and have a HUGE sense of humor. The conventional way to sum this up is ''nuts'' but I prefer to call myself ''unique''
Q. What is your favorite book?
A. The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Horn. It's about these four kids who essentially have to save the world from a Villain who has created a computer system that can broadcast in your mind. It's a REALLY good book, and full of funny laughs. Plus, it's a whole series.
Q.What is your favorite movie?
A. STAR WARS!! However, not the Disney ones, they are kind of messing it up. My favorite episode is NO. 4. Although my favorite character from the whole series is Anakin (he is SO awesome!)
Q.What color are the walls in your room?

Green. It used to be my brother's and I haven't bothered to repaint it

Okay, that was fun! Now, I nominate




My questions are;

What is you favorite GOTY doll?

Which of your dolls is most like you?

Do you like asparagus?

What color is your favorite shirt?

If you could get any AG mini doll right now, which one would it be?

What is your favorite candy?

What do you think of AG releasing a boy doll?

Have fun answering these guys! And once again THANK YOU ANNA!!! You are so awesome, and don't you forget it!



  1. Your welcome! I actually found out we are even more similar than I thought! :D

  2. Well, we both have doll blogs-great minds think alike, huh!