Friday, February 10, 2017

Fight For Quality American Girl

Happy Friday, Everyone! Feeling energized by the thought of the weekend? Good. We need all the fighting power we can get. Now, you may ask, who is we? The entire American Girl blogging community, that's who. Jaclynn, over at Little House Of AG posted her thoughts on AG's recent declines in quality. She asked all of us doll-lovers to contact American Girl, and ask for the quality to come back. Use Snail-Mail, Email, call them, whatever works. (But please be polite and respectful when you talk to them)

Why has AG's quality gone down? It might have something to do with the fact that since last year, Katy Dickson was been president of Mattel's American Girl. Who is she? The former president of Barbie. Does that explain why Gabby's meet outfit looks like the Asian Made To Move Barbie's clothing? The whole attached underwear change? American Girl, meet Barbie

So let's stand together as a community and fight for quality! American Girl's motto is that Girls can do anything. So let's do something. Please reach out to American Girl as I mentioned above. As Adi says; ''WE WANT QUALIT-TY WE WANT QUALIT-TY!!'' . (But seriously, don't put that in an email...they would probably take that as spam...) We can do this! Share this picture if you have a blog, and rally AG lovers everywhere!

(Many thanks to Ellie the drama queen with my dramatic mushy rallying speech.)


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