Friday, February 10, 2017

Bits 'n' Pieces; Photoshoots I never finished/posted/shared,Part 1

Hi, Everyone! (random question-when do I get to call you my adoring fans?? 😆)

I was scrolling through my camera today, and found a lot of old pictures from photoshoots. Most of them were too small to post by themselves, so I decided to post them in a series.

Photoshoot #1; Kit in the Chrysanthemums

Date; September 2015

Time; Early evening

Place; Flowerbeds in my front yard
 I wish I hadn't used the flash on this one- her eyelashes are too shiny! she does look pretty though...

 Ahhh....I love the smell of chrysanthemums, and it appears Kit does too!

Flower chain! Kit looks much younger in these pictures than in my newer ones, maybe because her hair is down, instead of in a little ponytail or braid.

Photoshoot #2; Spring Stroll

Date; May 2016

Time; Mid-Morning

Place; My front yard

Ellie decided to take a walk! If these photos look familiar, it's because I used one of them for her profile picture. See if you can spot which one it is without going back to her profile!

Here she is wading through the looks so green! I am seriously tired of winter. Ellie says she likes winter because of Christmas and valentines day, but after that she wants it to be spring. (so true, Ellie, so true.)

                              Hug the camera!
                              Yes I know this   
                               picture kinda looks
                              weird...oh well!

 I don't know how I managed to set Maryellen down
without scratching her limbs.....I really don't remember.

                                                              Well, that's about it for today, I don't want to bore any of you!


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