Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vacay Here I Come!

Hi, you guys! This is just a quick post to let you know that........tomorrow I'm going on vacation!! I'm going to Blackwater Falls in West Virginia. It's gonna be SO. MUCH. FUN. And guess who's coming with me! It's......

Adalyn! It's her turn to tag along on the human vacay this year.

And although she is a little disgruntled that her backpack is PINK, of all things.......

....she's super excited to come.

We'll be there Monday through Thursday, and my parents want it to be screen-free, so I won't be posting then, but I will take lots of pictures while I'm there. They'll be posted when I get back :)

Adi got all decked out in her ''explorer outfit''. I think she thinks she looks dashing or whatever, but I personally think she's a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Oh....and I forgot-Adalyn's not the only tag-along we have. Also coming is.......

Porky, Adalyn's stuffed dog!

''What's that, Porky?-Yes, Maryellen is definitely a fashion obsessed dweeb-''

Adalyn and Porky are ready to go!

P.S.; I'm really sorry that last week's Let's Talk didn't get posted-I've been really busy lately! LT will pick back up again next week-I apologize for the delay!


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    1. Thanks! I did have a lot of fun!


  2. Hello! In my blog I have a newspaper ( that will soon be printable ) and your doll going to West Virginia is in it! I can't wait for her to go and for her trip I recomend you make something on American Girl Ideas on their youtube chanel and on their blog. They make nomal- sized stuff for dolls and it's so cute! Please check out my blog and say its you in the fourms. Julie would love to meet you!

    p.s My link to my blog is:

    1. Hi, Cayla! I LOVE the newspaper idea! Thanks so much for including my vacation in it. I actually have made some things from AGI for my dolls-I made a cute little hotdog and carrot sticks. I would love to comment on your blog (I love the design, BTW), But I can't seem to figure out how.... Maybe you could tell me how? Julie sounds like she would be friends with Ellie!