Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vote for Ellie and Adi in The DNA Doll Competitions!

Hello, readers! Are you AGSpot fans? Of course you are! Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the Dollsnall Doll Competitions! The Loveliest Doll Competition and The Cutest Doll Competition are now officially open for registration! Adalyn and Ellie were quick to enter. (Maryellen in the Loveliest, Adi for the Cutest) win the competition, the girls must get the majority of the votes....will you vote for them? Pleeeaaase? With peaches and cream and adorable fluffy kittens on top? Take a look at their profiles;

Maryellen Faith Larkin is a Fashion queen, and the Loveliest Doll On Earth. SO THERE. GO AND CRY IN THE CORNER ALL YOU OTHER CONTESTANTS! Maryellen, or Ellie as she is often called, is ten years old, and her birthday is July 17. Her hobbies? Being fashionable, and bossing her sisters around. (She says it's her ''queenly duty'')  Ellie's favorites are;

Food; Cupcakes!
Color; Purple
Outfit; A long purple sleeveless ball gown with a pearl necklace and black shoes.

Maryellen has two sisters; Kit and Adalyn. On any normal day, you'll find her organizing her closet, baking, or telling Kit that her outfit is all wrong. And she is Definitely the Loveliest Doll On Earth. Totally.

And now for Adalyn!

Adalyn Jess Mconnell is the sassiest, snarkiest, most adorable (but don't tell her!) tomboy you'll ever meet. She will be nine years old August 12th, loves Minecraft and SuperTuxKart, and when she gets kicked off the computer, she likes exploring the woods near her house and finding frogs to put in her older sister's bed. She plays soccer recreationally. Her favorites are;

Food; Chicken nuggets and Ramen noodles
Color; Deep blue
Game; Minecraft

Adi has two sisters, Kit and Maryellen. Don't offend her or call her by her full name, or you'll find itching powder in your shirt and frogs in your bed!

So? What did you think? Do you like their profiles? I'd appreciate your feedback. Please vote for them in the DNA doll competitions!

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  1. Too bad I didn't win, these competition sure caused a stir! Ah, well, it was a good experience.